Genealogy Links

We hope you find the below links to genealogical resources helpful. The links are divided into two different categories; Missouri specific links and National links.

National Links (Not specifically Missouri related)

Bureau of Land Management: The Bureau of Land Management(BLM), General Land Office (GLO) Records Automation web site. They provide live access to Federal land conveyance records for the Public Land States, including image access to more than five million Federal land title records issued between 1788 and the present. They also have images of survey plats and field notes, land status records, and control document index records.

Castle Garden, (Castle Clinton National Monument): is an educational project of The Battery Conservancy. This free site offers access to an extraordinary database of information on 11 million immigrants from 1820 through 1892, the year Ellis Island opened. More than 100 million Americans can trace their ancestors to this early immigration period.

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (National Park Service):  The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System (CWSS) is a database containing information about the men who served in the Union and Confederate armies during the Civil War. Other information on the site includes histories of Union and Confederate regiments, links to descriptions of significant battles, and selected lists of prisoner-of-war records and cemetery records, which will be amended over time.

Ellis Island:  Ellis Island, in Upper New York Bay, was the gateway for over 12 million immigrants to the United States as the nation’s busiest immigrant inspection station for over sixty years[8] from 1892 until 1954  FamilySearch is a nonprofit family history organization dedicated to connecting families across generations. FamilySearch believes that families bring joy and meaning to life

Resources for Genealogists – The National Archives:  The records in their  holdings that are most commonly used by genealogists include: Census Records, Military Records, Immigration Records (Ship Passenger Lists), Naturalization Records, and Land Records

USGenWeb Census Project:  The mission of this project is to coordinate a United States census transcription effort by recruiting, guiding, and helping volunteer transcribers. Our goal is to provide free access to Online Research Data for everyone.

USGenWeb Project:  The USGenWeb Project is a group of volunteers working together and having fun providing free online genealogy help and information for every U.S. state and county. Our national site provides links to state sites, which, in turn, provide gateways to the counties.